13 marriage building reasons to DIY together 

As we navigated our way thru rerouting duct work for a new dryer vent, I found it humorous that at no point in my prayers for an Ah-mazing husband did I ask if we could someday hang out together in a crawl space in the dead of July. Waaay below the Mason-Dixon. But, that’s where I was. Smack dab in the middle of a project in which I had never done before.

Being that this was not a fun nor exciting, but rather practical DIY project, I was less than stoked about fiddling with metal sheeting and dodging cobwebs. But, it’s rare that I will pass up an opportunity to hang out with My Love 🙂

Since love makes one do all sorts of crazy things, I learned how to install 18 feet of duct work while wiping my sweaty brow and karate chopping the air to let a web or two know who’s boss.

Needless to say, when one of us decides to take on a DIY project, it would be really easy for the other spouse to bow out of the situation and let the other do it all by him/herself. But I’m here to tell you that it may be of great benefit to tackle those projects together!

Here are 13 Marriage Building Reasons to DIY together:

  1. A chance to be together
  2. A chance to encourage each other
  3. A chance to laugh together
  4. A chance to make a new memory together
  5. A chance to depend on each other
  6. A chance to learn something new about each other
  7. A chance to learn a different way of doing things
  8. A chance to learn a new skill together
  9. A chance to discover talents in each other
  10. A chance to share stories with each other
  11. A chance to push past comfort zones together
  12. A chance to build on each others strengths
  13. A chance to accomplish a common goal together!

Here’s a bonus reason…

14. Your spouse might or might not tell you how sexy it was that you helped him reroute duct work 😉

🙂 Kim

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