a sticky mess

Once the warm temps start to rise, we steer clear of the seeping railroad tie bordering our driveway. Many an unsuspecting shoe has tracked a sticky mess of hot tar across the concrete and thru the house. Cleaning it up is no easy chore. Not to mention the loss of a perfectly good pair of shoes ๐Ÿ™

It always amazes me that one simple misstep can cause such a raucous.

This makes me think about how I tend to respond to life’s sticky messes; something happens to me, I’m hurt and disappointed, I then respond by tracking bitter and resentful words all over the hearts of others. By the time I realize that my loved one has just absorbed my ugly words, it’s too late.

I believe I do this because I am still trying to handle trials apart from the help of God. Directing my arrows at others before surrendering my heart to God is like deliberately walking thru hot tar knowing it will leave behind a big sticky mess. My heart is slowly learning that taking this self-directed route will always leave me with the heavy and humbling task of cleaning up the messes I make.

Taking our feelings to God before we share them with others is no easy task. It takes a lot of self-control to stop our reactions from tracking themselves all over those we love and care about, not to mention those who may be observing us from afar.

But the truth is, by loving others, we love God. In order to love others, we have to remember that the solution to our hurt, pain, and disappointments is not in people, but in God.

As we surrender, He promises to help us. He promises to guide us, guard us, and direct our steps, and yes, even our words. It is then that we can experience the real power of what God can do within our circumstances, no matter how sticky!

๐Ÿ™‚ Kim

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