Kim Tuttle: the official scoop

Although this site is filled with ideas, inspirations, & encouragement, God is still the ultimate Designer, Organizer, and Simplifier of our lives. He is the Provider of the tools we need to live out our individual HOME STORIES. The tools that Promise to fill our homes and our hearts with His love, peace, & contentment as we navigate thru each chapter of our lives.

Many of the words written here are about how He is pursuing our hearts, weaving us into His amazing Story, and NEVER leaving us to figure out this thing called HOME on our own.

Home is where REAL and RAW and IMPERFECT and OFF-KILTER DAYS are a norm.

My home is no different!

Quite often it is where our own temptations to compare, our need for validation, and our self-centeredness collide with the very core of WHO HE IS. Like a massive ball of eternity, He shows up in all His pursuit of our hearts and makes Himself right at home.

As creatures so deeply loved and cared for by our Creator, He's well aware of our allegiances. He knows that our hearts can be so deeply intertwined with the spaces we dwell in. Yet, He doesn't want us to get so wrapped up in the space & things and miss out on Him. I think that's why He pursues us right where we LIVE.

Friend, whatever HOME looks like for you; a bunk or bed, a room or rental, a tiny house or mansion, or somewhere in the middle, He wants to meet you & I smack dab in the middle of our daily, weekly, monthly, & hourly!

He wants to meet us...

In our living rooms of life flow
In our closets of abundance
In our pantries of provision
At our tables of talk
In our bedrooms of rest & bathrooms of refresh
In our plans & our timelines
In our love & our living

He WILL NOT LEAVE US ALONE until He has woven us into His Story Line.

He will walk with us from beginning to end AND all that mess of living in between.

If He can reach our hearts in our Earthly Homes, how extraordinary it will be to step onto the welcome mat of His Heavenly Home!

Dare to join our journeys together. I'd love to experience this pursuit of a God-centered home together with you. It won't always be clean or tidy or neat or EVER picture perfect. But, I sure hope it will be adventurous, inspirational, encouraging, & heart changing!

Oh, I almost forgot! Here's the (Un)official Scoop on me.

🙂 Kim

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