beautiful facades

Not even 10 minutes into my umpteen decluttering project, my mind began to gather crazy thoughts…”clearly I’m a fraud”…”surely if I believed in what I was preaching, then I’d practice it a little more diligently”…”how can my words have any influence if I can’t even get my own stuff together?”

Without even realizing it, I had begun to believe that in order to be of any influence on others, I had to be perfect ALL THE TIME when it came to designing and organizing my own home.

Since we all know that perfection doesn’t exist, it was only natural that I would choose the next best thing; constructing a beautiful facade that would make my home appear perfect to others. Ha!

There’s nothing like a personal decluttering project to make an organizer stare straight into the mirror of hypocrisy. At which point all bets are off.

There I was, a professional in the field coming face to face with the reality that I struggle with my own clutter issues too. All those beautifully constructed facades about being perfect came tumbling down and I was left feeling vulnerable, unprotected, and exposed.

That’s the thing about facades, though beautiful on the outside, they are often a mess on the inside. Facades can give us a false sense of protection, and even worse, a false sense of pride. They allow us to go on fooling ourselves that we’ve got this life thing down pat and we are pretty near perfect at handling it.

When my facade came crumbling down, I began to see that my job is not to try and present myself as someone who has it all together in my home. In fact, my job is to walk alongside my clients and readers as one of them. My influence goes a lot further when I lay down any idea of perfection and admit that I DON’T have it all together. It is then that my clients & readers and I together can make a great team, encouraging each other to reach a common goal.

The same is true in our job as believers. Our mission is not to try and prove to unbelievers (or fellow believers for that matter), that we are perfect human beings. Our purpose is just the opposite. When we expose our imperfections, it allows God to be who He is, PERFECT.

Our willingness to be vulnerable in front of each other has the power to break down the carefully constructed facades we’ve built up. It has the power to show just how strong God is in the midst of our weak, broken, and imperfect selves.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a permission slip to be transparent about our weaknesses hoping that we don’t have to change. We still have to surrender our self-protection and false pride to God. We must allow Him to dismantle our facades, so we can become the influence He wants us to be to others!

When we are weak (surrendering to the fact that we are imperfect), we get to show others that He is strong (He is Powerful in spite of our imperfections). There is nothing fake or falsely built-up about Him. Because of this, we can stand confident in His perfection!

🙂 Kim

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