just rest

One of the hardest things we will ever be asked to do, is to rest. Just rest. I know. Resting is difficult to justify when there’s so much to do around the house, at the office, in the ministry, amidst the relationships we have. So we often keep pushing on, ignoring all the warning signs […]

slave or servant

A few years ago I spent hours creating a cleaning schedule for my home. By the time I was done with this color-coded beauty I was so distracted by how impressive it looked that I never considered what kind of full-time staff it would take to actually get it all done. Incidentally, that full-time staff […]

holding onto things

One would think that I’ve mastered the art of letting go of things. I do love a good purging, so it frustrates me when I run into roadblocks along my journey to become clutter free. This year I let go of several pieces of home decor. Gasp. I know. Here’s the deal though. I found […]

all the pretty things 

Have you ever considered the structural details that hold up the floor you walk on or the roof over your head? If you’re like me, you probably skip right to all the pretty things and pay little to no attention to the very foundation that will support them. Whether it interests me or not to […]

pulling up weeds

While pulling up weeds this Spring, it occurred to me that if left there, those pesky green things would run wild and choke out the healthy growth of my plants and flowers. If I were to dig a little deeper, I can see areas of my daily life that tend to become overrun with weeds […]


There’s been a lot of pulling things out of boxes around here lately. These boxes have been filled up, taped up, and stored away for who knows how long. And who knows for what purpose either. Safe keeping maybe? Some of these boxes have moved with me from state to state, house to house, and […]

a sticky mess

Once the warm temps start to rise, we steer clear of the seeping railroad tie bordering our driveway. Many an unsuspecting shoe has tracked a sticky mess of hot tar across the concrete and thru the house. Cleaning it up is no easy chore. Not to mention the loss of a perfectly good pair of […]

coloring outside the lines

The very idea of painting a wall transports me back to the days of coloring books and crayons. Even then, my 6 year old mind had a plan and a process. There were lines and sections defining the parameters, guiding my little hands to stay within them. To breach those would be to color outside […]

the meaning of home

Home means many things to many people. Throughout our lives, the meaning of home can change as we change. For most of us, our very first home started out as a one bedroom sanctuary in which we curated our childhood within it’s walls. As we grew a little older, we may have shared our space […]

beautiful facades

Not even 10 minutes into my umpteen decluttering project, my mind began to gather crazy thoughts…”clearly I’m a fraud”…”surely if I believed in what I was preaching, then I’d practice it a little more diligently”…”how can my words have any influence if I can’t even get my own stuff together?” Without even realizing it, I […]