need for more

As I sorted thru at least a hundred bottles of travel shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and lotions I was struck by the magnitude of the collection in front of me. This stash o’ bottles I had gathered up was looking like a temporary fix to a soul deep problem. Like it or not those bottles […]

future plans

Updating our circa 1990’s kitchen has always been an option on the table for us. But for several reasons we’ve decided to wait to take on this project. For the first few years after we made the decision to wait, I was known to take the project off pause a time or twenty when we’d […]

what light can do

It’s amazing what light can do. If I never opened my window blinds, I’m certain I’d hardly notice the dust and grime that everyday living brings to my house. Ultimately, the choice is up to me whether I open those blinds or not. Keeping them closed would leave me unaware of the gathering messes in […]


Perishable things left alone will naturally grow stale, moldy, and rendered useless. That’s why it’s so important to know what I store, where I store it, and how I store it. So when it comes time to use it, it is actually useful! This same principle can be applied to the things I store away […]

just rest

One of the hardest things we will ever be asked to do, is to rest. Just rest. I know. Resting is difficult to justify when there’s so much to do around the house, at the office, in the ministry, amidst the relationships we have. So we often keep pushing on, ignoring all the warning signs […]

slave or servant

A few years ago I spent hours creating a cleaning schedule for my home. By the time I was done with this color-coded beauty I was so distracted by how impressive it looked that I never considered what kind of full-time staff it would take to actually get it all done. Incidentally, that full-time staff […]

holding onto things

One would think that I’ve mastered the art of letting go of things. I do love a good purging, so it frustrates me when I run into roadblocks along my journey to become clutter free. This year I let go of several pieces of home decor. Gasp. I know. Here’s the deal though. I found […]

all the pretty things 

Have you ever considered the structural details that hold up the floor you walk on or the roof over your head? If you’re like me, you probably skip right to all the pretty things and pay little to no attention to the very foundation that will support them. Whether it interests me or not to […]

pulling up weeds

While pulling up weeds this Spring, it occurred to me that if left there, those pesky green things would run wild and choke out the healthy growth of my plants and flowers. If I were to dig a little deeper, I can see areas of my daily life that tend to become overrun with weeds […]


There’s been a lot of pulling things out of boxes around here lately. These boxes have been filled up, taped up, and stored away for who knows how long. And who knows for what purpose either. Safe keeping maybe? Some of these boxes have moved with me from state to state, house to house, and […]