the clutter-free pet

Keep going and don’t look to your left, I told myself. Try as I might, I couldn’t keep my car, (or maybe it was my will), from steering its way towards the tent. Humane Society Adoption Day, the sign read. Yes. Puppies. Lot’s of puppies. A 4 month old with its flopped over right ear […]

everyday clutter

We rise each morning with a full load on our plate. Typically our plans for the day ahead don’t include addressing the everyday clutter, like the stack of papers on the desk or the pile of mail on the counter. Never mind the potential avalanche in the hall closet or the lack of usable counter […]

light on clutter

It doesn’t matter if it’s the top of a table or an entire room, the last thing in the world I feel like doing during my “off-work” time is attempting to declutter around the house. But, here’s the tension; I REALLY enjoy my house when it’s light on clutter! Depending on stage and season of […]

packing up christmas 

Whether it gets put away New Years week or not until the middle of March, we could all use a little motivation when it comes to packing up Christmas! No matter which camp we may find ourselves in, how about 7 practical tips in getting those holidays decorations stored away and ready for the next […]

13 Ways to Keep Clutter out of Your Home

13 ways to keep clutter out of your home

I can collect clutter. As much as I’d love to be above allowing unnecessary stuff to enter my home, I confess that I am in the trenches with everyone else. I just have a way of organizing my stuff so it doesn’t look like clutter at first glance 😉     It’s a rarity to […]

23 clever storage solutions for your entire home

I just visited my favorite store in the entire world. I’m not being dramatic. It really is.     Walking the aisles is like therapy. It would be free therapy if I stuck to the walking the aisles part. But that’s rarely the case, since I want EVERYTHING they offer. If you’ve ever entered The […]

How to remove rust from chrome

how to remove rust from chrome

I’m excited to tell you about a DIY project that My Love & I just finished!     You know I love to sort, label, and store at the Tuttle house! So, you can bet that our camping gear is no less on my organizing radar. Several months ago I set out on a search […]

Lasting Impressions: holding on and letting go

holding on and letting go

Well, I did it. I let go. Of a lot.     Before I dive into what I let go of, I thought I’d take a second to fill you in on what’s going on! Back in January, I shared 3 house challenges that I wanted to take on in the coming year, in hopes […]

3 tools that keep me organized

3 Tools That Keep Me Organized

ALL women should have her own power tools! Yes, sturdy, quality, top of the line, power tools. Wait ’til you see my list, I’m betting you’ll find a few on it that would come in quite handy at your house too! I know your time is limited, so I’ll keep this article focused on the […]

4 Reasons I'm Making Peace with Organization

4 Reasons I’m Making Peace with Organization

Can you feel it? Yeah, I can too. It’s a subtle shift. But it’s there. A making of peace. That’s the thing about making peace with something. It’s not a sudden jerk reaction. It’s more of an inch by inch shift in perspective. A laying down of what we thought it was supposed to look […]