coloring outside the lines

The very idea of painting a wall transports me back to the days of coloring books and crayons. Even then, my 6 year old mind had a plan and a process. There were lines and sections defining the parameters, guiding my little hands to stay within them. To breach those would be to color outside the lines.

Years have passed, and the crayons are now a brush, a bucket of paint, and a blank wall. There’s still a plan and a process. The lines and sections that were once on the pages of a coloring book are now ceilings, corners, and baseboards, guiding my hands to stay within the lines with my brush.

The very idea that there would be imperfections on my finished paint job makes me want to not begin at all. I want it to turn out just as I had planned, because after-all I followed a process. Right.

It’s a deep down need inside of me that God meet me here in these places of unmet expectations.

I’m discovering that my idea of perfection and His idea of perfection are sitting on two different ends of the color spectrum. My idea is all swept up in grandeur and impression. His idea is all wrapped up in grace. I can’t imagine why I continue to want to chase after anything else. But I do.

How easily I want to pick up my box of crayons and color my own picture of perfection and expectation, as if I am the artist. I want to shape my own today and tomorrow and the years to come. When (not if) I color outside my own lines, I all too often miss the mark, it is there that I am lost.

My attempts at making a masterpiece of my life allow little room for The Artist Himself to create His own Art in me. His perfect picture of beginning to end is exactly what I need.

When I hand over the box of crayons (and the brush), I make room for God to set the lines and make His very own array of a beautifully colored masterpiece. I begin to see that His lines are not there to bind me or hold me back, but they are there for my heart. My soul.

There’s nothing like being free of the stifling boundaries that we place on ourselves. God offers us an absolutely stunning solution for all those moments when we create our own lines and inevitably start coloring outside of them. His end of the spectrum blurs our end of perfection. It is there that He begins to color Grace all over our hearts. All over our soul.

Today, I want to encourage you to identify the areas where you have an expectation of perfection. Hand God the brush. Tell Him where you feel like you need to be perfect. Prayer by prayer, start surrendering yourself as the artist. Let Him set the lines. Let Him show you what His masterpiece is suppose to look like.

🙂 Kim

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