holding onto things

One would think that I’ve mastered the art of letting go of things. I do love a good purging, so it frustrates me when I run into roadblocks along my journey to become clutter free.

This year I let go of several pieces of home decor. Gasp. I know.

Here’s the deal though. I found that I was holding onto things for some pretty pitiful reasons…

I was holding onto it out of a sense of obligation

I felt that keeping an item would also keep the memory connected with that item alive. The truth is, memories do not disappear just because the physical object no longer exists.

I also feared hurting the feelings of the giver of an item. The truth is, a gift is meant to be given without expectation or obligation.

I was holding onto it because it was a perfectly good item

I feared that letting them go of an item I no longer used was wasteful. The truth is that keeping “special” & “important” things packed up in boxes is the more wasteful thing for me to do.

I was holding onto it because it needed repair

I want to be a good steward of the physical blessings given me. But some things are beyond repair or beyond my physical or financial ability to repair or restore to a useful condition.

These truths hurt me to admit because they are laced with unhealthy thinking; obligation, fear, and guilt. All of which, when I step back and look at them, are not wise reasons to hold onto things.

I certainly believe that I have to be accountable for when I overbuy, am careless, or attach false value to my stuff. But holding onto things because I’m steeped in fear, guilt, and obligation is just a form of self-punishment that goes nowhere but internally.

As a child of God, I have been given the chance to go to my Father, admit my mistake, and ask Him to show me how to do differently next time. There is no room in God’s relationship with me for fear or guilt or false obligation. But there’s definitely plenty of room for growth, change and transformation of heart!

Instead of holding onto things, I am finding that the wisest thing for me to do is to let them go and learn how to do different the next time around!

🙂 Kim 

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