need for more

As I sorted thru at least a hundred bottles of travel shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and lotions I was struck by the magnitude of the collection in front of me. This stash o’ bottles I had gathered up was looking like a temporary fix to a soul deep problem.

Like it or not those bottles are a representation of me seeking more from the tangible things in life, hoping they will bring me security and control for the unknown roads ahead. This is the kind of stuff that humbles my heart and causes me to think about my need for more.

This need for more is just as strong for me as it was for the Israelites back in Exodus. Like myself, they struggled to believe God’s promises to provide in the everyday things as well as the big deal things:

He promised to free them from slavery in Egypt. When it seemed like He was taking too long, they doubted His ability to do it. But He kept His promise and freed them.

He promised to bring them safely across the massive waters of the Red Sea. When the enemy seemed to be closing in on them they started doubting His ability to save them again. But He kept His promise and brought them safely to the other side. Not only did He do that, He also buried their enemy in those same waters.

He promised to provide them with food in the barren wilderness they found themselves in. When He placed special instructions on how much they could gather each day, they began to doubt whether they’d have enough. But even in their doubt and distrust He kept His promise to provide enough food for each day.

The Israelites and I are the same. We’re both created to want more. Instead of realizing the MORE we are looking for is actually God Himself, we allow ourselves to get sidetracked and waylaid and even satisfied with temporal things. We are hoping that these things will fill our bucket. Make us happy. Secure our future.

But Merciful Blessing, God has been gently shaking my heart up over this need to gather things that are temporary. He’s asking me to trust that His promises are enough for each day, each year, each season, each battle, each victory.

On a good day when this truth is evident in answered prayers and joy filled moments, it’s easy to believe that He is enough. But when I’m in the middle of life’s challenging circumstances where I want to hoard up things like security, protection, and provision, my heart often reveals a different story. It is then that I must be reminded that these soul deep needs can only be fully met by a Promise Making and Promise Keeping Father.

I must return to what I know of Him; if He can rescue an entire nation of people out of slavery, securely bring them across the Red Sea, and make sure they have the exact amount of food they need for each day, then I need not doubt that He will keep His promise to care for me and my future, whatever that may look like.

My Prayer…

Oh how easy it would be for me to point the proverbial finger of judgement at the Israelites, imagining that I would never doubt You like they did. It may not be extra manna that I’m gathering, but I’m still the same as them. When I get sidetracked and waylaid and even satisfied in what the world promises to provide, I ask that in Your mercy, You show me how to seek my satisfaction in You alone. You have already given me the greatest provision I could ever need or want in the sacrifice of Your Son. Show me how to live my life out of that truth alone. When my circumstances change or when life looks different than what I hoped for, bring me back to the Truths of You. That You are a Promise Making and a Promise Keeping God. I have no need for more than You.

🙂 Kim

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