pulling up weeds

While pulling up weeds this Spring, it occurred to me that if left there, those pesky green things would run wild and choke out the healthy growth of my plants and flowers.

If I were to dig a little deeper, I can see areas of my daily life that tend to become overrun with weeds at times:

  • I over commit, thinking that I have time to do it all. Weeds of expectation that lead to weariness.
  • I focus on tasks that don’t have to be done right now. Weeds of misdirection that lead to frustration.
  • I get distracted by all that is going on around me. Weeds of comparison that lead to confusion.

See what I mean? Weeds, weeds, and more weeds creep in.

The thing about weeds is they always start out small and insignificant. But left to grow, they can take over days, weeks, and even years of my life. They often choke out the possibility of healthy growth.

Just like flowers and trees need to be free of weeds in order to grow, God designed me that way as well. He did not design me to be a catch-all, know-it-all, do-it-all, contain-it-all kind of person.

But there are times when I treat my life as if I am that kind of person. I gather weeds that start to choke out my purpose. I get cluttered up with tasks that keep my focus off His Will. And I become overcrowded with things not meant for me.

What can I do?

I think I must take my cue from Jesus Himself. He recognized the importance of staying true to His purpose. He knew from a young age that no matter how worthy the cause, His mission on this earth was to do the Will of God. He always relied on God to show Him which miracle to perform, which parable to tell, which soul to reach out to. He never did anything apart from the Will of God.

Sometimes that meant not meeting every human need. Pulling up weeds of unrealistic expectation.

Sometimes it meant stepping away to rest. Pulling up weeds of exhaustion.

Sometimes it meant going by a different timeline. Pulling up weeds of immediate gratification.

I may not be performing miracles and telling parables as Jesus did, but I certainly have the mission set before me to grow into the person God desires me to be. That may mean that I have some daily weeding out to do in order for that growth to occur.

That leaves me with the challenge of trusting God every day to show me what needs to be weeded out, decluttered, and cleared away in order to be useful for Him. It can’t happen without Him!

Maybe a good question for me to ask of God each day would be something like this…
Did I accomplish what You had in mind or did I allow distractions to crowd out the purpose You had for me?

🙂 Kim 

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