slave or servant

A few years ago I spent hours creating a cleaning schedule for my home. By the time I was done with this color-coded beauty I was so distracted by how impressive it looked that I never considered what kind of full-time staff it would take to actually get it all done. Incidentally, that full-time staff would be me and my husband.

Although this cleaning schedule may have looked beautiful, it did not in any way help me take better care of my home. All it did was stress me out. I couldn’t possibly keep up with it’s unrealistic demands.

After months of trying to keep up, it became clear to me that God was trying to teach me something far more important than how to take care of my physical house.

I’m certainly not advocating that I let my blessings rust, rot, or fall apart. That would be poor stewardship. But being weighed down by a heavy load of unrealistic expectations is not the answer either.

God wanted me to see that He does not give me things to weigh me down. Granted, He gives me a lot of things for a lot of reasons that I may not always understand. But, He in no way gives them to me for me to become a slave to them. As far as he’s concerned, I am only meant to serve Him in these things.

Although it’s easy to forget, there is a major divide between the role of slave and servant. A slave is motivated by fear, guilt, manipulation, and unrealistic expectation. A servant is motivated by what is in the best interest of the something or someone they desire to serve.

Understanding the difference between slave and servant has set me on a healthier path in many areas of my life. I want to be a servant to my home, my relationships, and the things that I have been given to care for. When I take the time to stop and identify what is in the best interest of those areas, it becomes a better blessing all around!

…and I don’t have to clean the toilets every Tuesday…at 8am…because my color-coded chart says I should 😉

🙂 Kim

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