the meaning of home

Home means many things to many people. Throughout our lives, the meaning of home can change as we change.

For most of us, our very first home started out as a one bedroom sanctuary in which we curated our childhood within it’s walls. As we grew a little older, we may have shared our space with siblings or roommates, but we still held onto our individual likes and dislikes. It was in these stages that we had a sense of our own space; what worked and didn’t work, what was a reflection of who we were and what wasn’t.

It’s when we enter into full on adulthood that we begin to face the highest potential of losing what home means to us. As we spread our wings and fly away from our childhood we become exposed to different ideas and options of how home could look.

The more advanced our culture is, the more options there are to choose from. The more options there are to choose from, the more likely we are to begin adopting the likes and dislikes of those around us, slowly losing sight of what works for us.

When this happens, it is almost as if we are unraveling the very fabric of who we were meant to be. By doing this, we naturally start weaving our identity into the people and places it doesn’t belong. Instead of trusting and believing that it is a good thing to be created uniquely, we are rejecting our God-given tapestry in a crazy effort to weave ourselves into another’s tapestry.

Isn’t that the way of it? Laced throughout our lives there are moments when we wander off into the land of OTHER. We start looking around at others to gauge what the perfect home, body, marriage, parenting style, friendship, job, and even gifts and purposes are suppose to look like.

When all the while, God is whispering to us “While you are busy looking elsewhere at other people’s homes, bodies, marriages, parenting styles, friendships, gifts and purposes, you are missing out on the very comfort and peace I have for you within the walls of your own home (and life).”

Whew. That’s loaded eh?

Can I encourage both of us that when we start looking outward, that we stop right there and tell God exactly what is going thru our minds in that moment? I know, He already knows. But, that’s not the point. This practice of taking our fears and concerns to God is so necessary for us. One, it helps us recognize when our heart’s are starting to unravel the tapestry God made us to be, and two, instead of going outward for others to show us who we are, it helps us get in the habit of turning upward in dependence on God to show us who we are.

🙂 Kim 

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