There’s been a lot of pulling things out of boxes around here lately. These boxes have been filled up, taped up, and stored away for who knows how long. And who knows for what purpose either. Safe keeping maybe?

Some of these boxes have moved with me from state to state, house to house, and from season of life to season of life.
Every time I begin unboxing old stuff, I wonder if I’m ever really ready to do so. Most often for me the act of sifting thru things long tucked away is brought on by one of three reasons.

  1. Necessity:  There’s a major change up ahead in the direction of my life and I’m forced to unboxed my stuff.
  2. Desperation:  There’s a need to fix something quickly, therefore unboxing my stuff in a fury may do the trick.
  3. Frustration:  There’s a point of reckoning with myself when I realize that enough is enough and I must unbox my stuff.

When I finally get up the courage to cut through the packing tape and unearth the contents of these boxes, my mind starts buzzing with all sorts of questions.

Why has this useful stuff been hanging out in a cardboard box all this time? 

What good is it to confine useful stuff to the four walls of a container?

Why own useful stuff if I’m not going to use it?

It reminds me that most things are best used when they are taken out of their box. Kind of like me. I could easily sit all nice and snug in my neatly packed box, never allowing myself to step outside out of it.

This plan of staying inside my preferred box feels like a safe bet on the surface. But, it’s actually a pretty useless bet. This plan keeps me taped up and stored away. For what? Safe keeping?

I was made for more than storage. My years on this earth are not meant to be spent hiding away, waiting for perfect moments to happen, and hoping certain dreams come true. No, in fact, my life was created to be used by God, my Creator!

My idea of how to use my life in a useful way is typically all about keeping safe. God’s idea of how to use my life in a useful way is often about daring to be unboxed.

He knows the contents of my box, because He made me. He packed me! He knows exactly what to do with all those useful contents I’ve been hiding away for safe keeping.

So I return to those same questions…

Why have I kept myself stored up in a snug little box all this time? 

What good is it confining myself to the four walls of a container?

Why posses these God-given talents, gifts, and purposes if I’m not going to use them?

Unboxing takes time. It takes peeling away the tape and cutting up the box, so I’m not tempted to step back into it. Unboxing takes courage.

Not my own courage, but the courage that God has placed within me. Unboxing takes obedience. Not because I have to, but because I want to in order to experience the freedom of being used to my fullest.

So although it may take my lifetime, I will choose to be unboxed.

Have you felt God prodding your spirit to come unboxed? Go ahead, dare to be unboxed! Step outside your comfort zone and do what He has planned for you to do. He does not want you nor I to be shy with our gifts.

He gives us power, love, and self-discipline to carry out His plans for the using of our talents and gifts! (see 2 Timothy 1:7)

🙂 Kim

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