what light can do

It’s amazing what light can do. If I never opened my window blinds, I’m certain I’d hardly notice the dust and grime that everyday living brings to my house.

Ultimately, the choice is up to me whether I open those blinds or not. Keeping them closed would leave me unaware of the gathering messes in all the nooks and crannies. Out of sight out of mind right? Opening them would reveal the areas that need to be cleaned, which would require me to do the work necessary to better the condition of my house.

My physical house is not the only place in which light can benefit. My heart benefits from light too. Again the choice is up to me whether I let God’s light saturate every corner of it or not.

There’s risk involved in shining light into the dark places of my heart. When He reveals the dust and grime that has gathered, I don’t like it one bit. Being exposed means that I am no longer ignorant to my sin and that means cleaning must take place.

Facing the ugly parts of my heart was never something I thought I’d put on my checklist of life. But there’s no way I can really live out the life God has planned for me if I don’t let His light shine into ALL the darkness that is trying to hide ALL the mess.

Exposing my heart to God’s refining light is the only way to permanently better the condition of it. Thru this process He never fails to gently remind me that I can try and spot clean until I’m blue in the face, but it is He who holds the ability to take daily care of my heart. And the greatest blessing of all is that He has already wiped clean where I stumble all over myself!

My prayer…

Thank you for being a Father who loves His daughters more than He loves Himself. A Father who never considers leaving us in the mess that we are in. Thank you that you aren’t afraid of applying elbow grease to our hearts. For being a Father who scrubs and cleans and refines and transforms in order to make us shine like new. In the moments when it feels safer to put blinders on so we don’t have to face the stuff we’d rather not face, thank You for graciously ushering us thru each hard task, never leaving us alone to try and spot clean ourselves. You know that all our efforts to self-protect and deflect will only keep us ignorant about the broken condition of our hearts, which means no growth, which means continuing in patterns of pridefulness and on and on the never ending cycle will go. We thank you for desiring more for Your daughters. So much so that You will shine Your light all around those dark-filled, fear-filled, self-reliant corners of our hearts. We thank You for renewing us daily in order to accomplish Your purposes thru us. It is a Gracious Blessing to be loved so fiercely by You.

🙂 Kim

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